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Perl Advisory

Perl Advisory, whilst based in Zurich, also operates out of London providing business advice, with a focus on start-ups, growing businesses and those undergoing change.  We also focuses on Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), which is relevant to organisations of all types and sizes.

We work comfortably alongside existing in-house teams and professional advisers. With our extensive experience we can assist you with a variety of challenges including:

Risk Management and Business Continuity

  • Risk Reviews
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Business continuity

Other Advisory Services

  • Growth
    • Acquisitions (evaluation, structuring, due-diligence, negotiation, post-transaction integration)
    • New country start-ups
    • Flotations and capital raising
    • Banking relationships and refinancing
  • Restructuring
    • Disposals
    • Group structure – risk, transfer pricing etc
  • Cash management and forecasting
  • Management Information
    • Lead indicators and KPIs (design and implementation)
  • Other
    • Transfer pricing
    • Employee incentivisation
    • Cost flexibility and optimisation review

Our business experience enables us to help you form a balanced overview of the sometimes conflicting legal, tax and accounting considerations.  In areas, such as cash management and forecasting, we can also help with implementation – working alongside individuals in your business to provide reassurance and support.

We are flexible and willing to tackle projects of all types and sizes. The greatest benefit is derived from long-term working relationships.  By building our knowledge of your organisation, people, markets and processes, we can improve the contribution we make.




Perl Advisory LLC is based in Zurich, but also operates out of London.



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